Greetings from Minnesota!


The Developing Young Hearts and Mind  blog continues!

I am writing to you on what is expected to be one of the coldest days ever in Minnesota. Because we are experiencing weather generated by the polar vortex, many public schools and several businesses have closed. Not for just one day but three days in a row! I have  lived most of my life in Minnesota and this is the first time for such long closures.

How cold?  Well yesterday they were predicting that when the wind chill is factored in it may get to -65 F which the converter says is -53.88 C. As I write the temperature is dropping as predicted and the wind is picking up. I am very thankful to be able to work from home today and tomorrow.  I am hoping it does not get as cold as predicted.


 KEEPING CONNECTED:   Since returning form my sabbatical I have been corresponding with the program director from a school I visited in Iceland.  It was exciting  to hear from her as I hope to keep connections from my sabbatical alive. She wondered if I knew of any early childhood conference in the USA that might be helpful to her and her staff?  What came to mind was our National Association for the Education of Young Children annual conference – this year is being held in Nashville, Tennessee (this is the southeastern part of the USA).  Nashville is called the “Music City of the USA”   I was able to send her a link to the brochure from the 2018 conference so she could evaluate the types of keynote speakers and workshops they offer.  She decided it would be a good conference for herself and perhaps some of her staff to attend.

JOINT PROJECT: Upon thinking of all of the innovative environmental programming she had developed in her program, I asked her if she would consider submitting a proposal to present at the conference.  We submitted our proposal yesterday.  It will be based on her expertise in environmental education for preschool children and my vision for how such an approach might be adopted by preschools in USA .

Below is the link to the National Association for the Education of Young Children. It is our largest national early childhood organization. It has become more of an international conference in the past years – with some sessions offered in Spanish and Chinese.   If you are interested in the conference, click the EVENTS tab.

So while is indeed cold in Minnesota my heart is warm with memories of my time with new friends from Iceland, Norway, Ireland, England, France and the Netherlands!  Indeed the sabbatical was refreshing in so many ways.  Our spring semester begins on Monday Feb. 4th – and I am looking forward to teaching again.


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