Why I am launching this blog…

I am an early childhood teacher educator at Bethel University in St. Paul, MN – USA . Students can earn their BA and qualify for the  Birth to 8 license or add a pre-primary endorsement (pre-school) to their elementary education (K-6)  license.

As I was working on my dissertation, I came across articles from early childhood researchers around the world.   Many things they wrote about caught my attention. For example…

  • In  Iceland, a law was passed  in 2009 that all teachers must be licensed at the masters level – this includes their pre-k teachers.
  • At Queen Maud University there are  1200 students  all studying early childhood education –  from countries around the world.
  • In Dublin they have created an International Early Childhood Research Center.
  • Roehampton University in London is the home of the Froebel College 

I have an amazing opportunity to visit these programs.

Thank you Bethel University for your support of faculty sabbaticals!




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